The apprenticeship - the start of your professional life and your entry into the world of logistics. Whether you have a secondary school leaving certificate or A-Levels we have a suitable apprenticeship for you.

Over these two to three years, a central training office will be at your disposal for any questions and concerns you may have. They will be responsible for overseeing your development within the framework of your company training plan and will ensure that you are taught all the prescribed training contents. Furthermore, you will be in contact to fellow trainees in different training years and will take part in  joint training measures such as our introductory seminar, where all new trainees from all over Germany  get to know each other to form a joint network. 

From day one you are a member of the DB Cargo Full Load Solutions team and, along with your collectively agreed training allowance, you will benefit from generous discounts from the DB Group. 

We are also keen to offer you a position at DB Cargo Full Load Solutions after you have successfully completed your training so that we can all benefit from the knowledge you have acquired. 

Long story short - your training in logistics will pay off!

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