Guiding Principles & Values

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Guiding Principles & Values


Pragmatic as we are, we know only too well that economic success must be based on a conviction founded on joint values.

These values unite and guide each and every TRANSA employee. We implement them day by day. From that point of view, we transport our values, along with your freight.


Without innovation, change is impossible. In transport logistics, innovation equals working on details. As architects (designers, operators, providers) of a highly efficient European transport and service alliance, we fulfil the requests of our customers competently and imaginatively using numerous long-term business partnerships and state-of-the-art information technology in a Europe-wide performance network, generating above average growth rates in future markets.


Without intelligence nothing pays off. Intelligence is the basis of our effectiveness. That is why we render our services in intelligent, entrepreneurial profit centres. Within these small, independent and synergy-oriented units we work efficiently and cooperatively. We provide a central framework for decentralised success. Actively and convincingly we use the experience we have gathered over decades for the benefit of our customers.


Without passion, nothing will move. If we would work without it, we would not be the advancing, highly competent company we are. We fulfil our tasks with skill and enthusiasm. We act quickly, pragmatically, responsibly and on short, cooperative decision paths. Our personnel development policy is systematic and we support our employees’ personal and professional goals.