Do you want to combine theory and practice in the most optimal way? A dual study programme at DB Cargo Full Load Solutions is the right thing for you!

Theory and practice blend to form the ideal mix in our degree programmes. We offer our dual courses of study for a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at our two cooperating vocational academies, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Mannheim, and the Rhine-Main University of Cooperative Education. At the dual university you learn the theoretical expertise which you can apply directly to your practical phase. Your theory and practical phases alternate regularly, giving you the perfect opportunity to discover different fields. You will work mainly in our branches throughout Germany, as well as in our head office in Offenbach.

Future prospects:

DB Cargo Full Load Solutions is committed to recruiting their potential managers from among its own ranks. For us, a degree in freight forwarding, transport and logistics is the foundation for becoming a future manager. Of course, we would like to offer you  perspectives at DB Cargo Full Load Solutions after your studies so that you can use your acquired knowledge with us.

This is what we can offer you:

DB Cargo Full Load Solutions will pay you an allowance for technical literature totalling €300. Furthermore, we will pay your accommodation costs for the practical assignments along with the costs of the outward and return journey. We also pay for the tuition fees. In addition to your training allowance, you will also receive a holiday and Christmas bonus, as well as a recuperation allowance.

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