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Who we are


Do you need reliable transport of containers and/or complete lorry loads throughout Europe for your company?  

Our European unit "Full Load Solutions" (FLS) offers industry expertise and reliability for the transport of full loads by road, intermodal transport, rail and short sea shipping. FLS works with you to develop solutions for your full truck loads according to your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of services - from road and conventional rail to multimodal transport, from standard loads to special transport, from heavy goods to high-value shipments and from north to south and east to west.  

Customised supply chain solutions for your full truck load shipping 

We think beyond pure transport by combining intelligent solutions such as cross docking or other additional services for you. This enables us to provide reliable transport not only throughout Europe, but also to the Eurasian corridor. Our services and equipment can be customised to the goods to be transported as well as to industry-specific requirements - whether it's consumer goods, paper, steel, building materials, machines/machine parts or electronic goods.

Let's discuss full load solutions for your supply chain. 

Available additional services

In addition to our full truck load solutions, we also provide a variety of other products and services that can be integrated according to the needs of your supply chain and the requirements of your customers. These range from security doors to door control units, unpacking and repacking systems, cross docking and warehousing services, container staffing, control tower and visibility services, ecological supply chain design and much more.

Make green solutions possible

You’d like to sustainably improve your ecological footprint? This is also one of our goals, which we pursue by using rail-based solutions. We work with you to develop a combination of different means of transport that fulfils your requirements in an environmentally friendly way: We utilise the unique ecological footprint of freight trains in combination with the flexibility of lorries. Wherever possible, freight is transported by freight train on the main leg. This can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 per cent compared to conventional road transport. Our fleet of lorries takes care of pre-carriage and onward carriage to the remotest corners of Europe, so that you can enjoy the convenience of door-to-door transport even if you do not have your own siding. The highest environmental standards are a matter of course for us - which is why we are constantly renewing our fleet, increasingly using Euro 5 standard lorries and testing the use of alternative drive systems.


We connect China with Europe

DB Cargo Full Load Solutions also offers rail-based transport on the trans-Eurasian corridor linking China and Europe. This intermodal connection is an attractive alternative to other modes of transport. Compared to air freight, transport costs are lower and compared to sea freight, the connection offers faster turnaround times. DB Cargo Eurasia GmbH offers door-to-door solutions for block trains, individual containers (Full Container Load = FCL), container groups and empty containers (Less Container Load = LCL) on various routes.


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