White & Brown Goods

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White & Brown Goods

 We offer eco-friendly, flexible solutions for transporting your products across Europe

Industry requirements

  • Eco-friendly transport by road and rail to numerous high-population areas in Europe
  • Equipment with product-specific requirements
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • High delivery quality standards
  • Integrated resource management and time slot management in particular
  • Source and sink consolidation to reduce the number of loading dock stops
  • Short transport times
  • Safety

Our solutions

  • We can cover various production sites as a logistics provider
  • We offer Europe-wide intermodal development and implementation of project-based logistics solutions
  • We combine road and rail transport in smart ways to offer eco-friendly services
  • We provide the right equipment depending on your requirements
  • We use security boxes to track and trace-shipments
  • We handle cross docking, storage and-value-added services
  • You can count on us to deliver on time throughout Europe: we are reliable and flexible and can meet tight order deadlines

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