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Carrier Online Management Tool (COMeT)

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The control of the transport network is called carrier management and is one of the most important tasks of a classic freight forwarder. Freight forwarders typically operate without their own fleet of vehicles and purchase vehicles and freight space on the open market. Against this background, web-based compliance management systems, also known as "digital carrier management”, have emerged.

This can be used to quickly check the legal compliance of individual transport companies.

Proof is provided here, for example, by uploading relevant documents such as the business registration or the extract from the commercial register, the EU license and the transport insurance policy.

However, the sustainable legal certainty arises from the plausibility check of the uploaded documents and the information provided in the profile.

This can provide an increased transparency and security for collaboration across national borders.

COMeT is DB Cargo Full Load Solution’s very own Carrier Management System to ensure the following key tasks and strengthen the collaboration with you, as our partner:

  • Compliance with legal regulations as well as internal rules and regulations from the DB management systems
  • Identification, qualification and development of new transport service providers (TSP)
  • Guidance for further development of strategic partners
  • Legal and normative involvement of the existing TSP
  • Acquisition of TSP along the requirements of our customers
  • Digital Carrier Relationship Management System

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