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 Your requirements - Our solutions

We are very well prepared and have the right answer for almost every transport enquiry. Planning reliability and punctual transport of your goods is a matter of course for us. The same applies to the selection of the right equipment and punctual preparation for operations. Last but not least, the expertise of our experienced employees and the planning and implementation skills required for this ensure that your transport runs smoothly.  

Full loads are our passion 

At DB Cargo Full Load Solutions, we are particularly focussed on full loads. And it is the industries with a particularly high demand for regular full and part loads that particularly value our multimodal network. Because when it comes to moving goods safely, reliably and on time, our transport and service network plays to its particular strengths. DB Cargo Full Load Solutions handles full loads throughout Germany and Europe, forming a strong network for large shippers.   

In a mix of an exclusively operating fleet of vehicles with our own trailers, we utilise fixed long-term transport partners and of course the flexibility of the spot market to find the right transport solution for you.  


We provide you with the right equipment for your transport requirements as well as for your non-temperature-controlled transports.   

Our fleet consists of: Standard tarpaulin trailer, Megatrailer, Joloda or flatbed trailers as well as other equipment for your individual transport requirements.  

Dimensions / loading capacities of a standard trailer  

Length: 13.60 m  
Width: 2.45 m - 2.48 m  
Height: 2.50 m - 2.70 m  
Storage spaces: up to 34 Euro pallets  
Loading weight: up to 24.5 tonnes 

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